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Change in the issuance of EU COVID vaccination certificates after the booster dose

Certificates for booster vaccinations obtained before January 5 do not need to be reissued, since such certificates will automatically be accepted after 365 days in the Republic of Croatia.

Additionally, from January 5, 2023, a harmonized version of the CovidGO app for Android and iOS is available to store EU digital COVID certificates that will validate all stored and scanned EU COVID booster vaccination certificates as "Permanent" certificates.

Certificates of booster vaccinations that were previously stored in CovidGO will, after updating the mobile application, have an expiration date indicated as "Permanent", and it is not necessary to store them again in the mobile application.

We remind you that after every change in a person's vaccination status, it is necessary to request a new EU digital COVID certificate, whether it is the first, second or every subsequent dose of the vaccine.

The above rules for EU digital COVID certificates for booster vaccinations are applied in the Republic of Croatia. When planning a trip abroad, it is recommended to be informed about the rules for applying the EU COVID certificate and the deadlines for accepting the document in the country of destination.

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