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COVID certificate and freedom of travel

The EU Digital COVID Certificate is accepted in EU Member States and will help ease the restrictions present in the form of measures taken by Member States in a coordinated manner.

When traveling to or staying in an EU Member State, each citizen of the EU or a citizen of a third country formally residing in the EU shall, as a holder of an EU Digital COVID Certificate, be able to demonstrate in an effective and interoperable manner his/her COVID-19-related health status. If a particular Member State should continue to require that holders of valid EU Digital COVID Certificates be placed in quarantine or additionally tested, it shall be required to duly notify the Commission and all other Member States thereof and give reasons for its decisions.

The EU Digital COVID Certificate should facilitate free movement within the EU. Being a fundamental right in the EU, free movement will not be made contingent upon the EU Digital COVID Certificate. You may also use your EU Digital COVID Certificate to provide a negative test result, which is frequently required as a result of the public health restrictions in place.

Such certificate allows Member States to adjust their present public health restrictions to facilitate cross-border travel for their citizens.

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